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Why struggle is important in the learning process of golf

By Michel Monnard

I found this awesome text below from a great source or wisdom and knowledge, Michael Hebron.

From Jeff Klein

Mike, my most significant development in my coaching and my own game came when I LEARNED to sincerely embrace the struggle rather then negotiate it. Specifically, all the thoughts (doubts, frustration, excitement, resignation, etc.) are just made up things our brains are designed to do. So, if that’s the case, I choose to embrace “struggle” and consider this the actual moment learning and development can take place. I see and have experienced this is where the large majority of participants bail out. They have missed it. You may feel good when things are going well, but very little progress is made during those times. How do you do this? Just change the context. Really get that if you want to get to that next level, you must reach a period of “I can’t do this”. When your brain says that, get excited because a breakthrough is around the corner.

The key is to isolate a particular variable in the swing and while learning it be totally committed to that. This is challenging in that performance (results) cloud. The most important time of learning occurs when things are not going so well. Never “fix” the problem, never. Make sure the golfer experiences the inefficiency. The brain has the ability to develop pathways to respond to the inefficiency, resulting in an efficient motion. But, it takes time. A Professional has to stay with the golfer, support them. With all the crazy motions people have in their swings, they find someway to get to the ball. Why? The brain never does anything stupid. It responds to the input. If you stay with them, you both will marvel at the performance that will develop when the brains brilliance evolves.

Everyday we see the struggle people have with the learning process of a sport that is not the easiest to learn. Golf is hard. But having said that, day in and out I realise that everybody can learn it, it is just about having the right mindset and understand how learning is happening – and then adding perseverance in practice.

We understand that the golf coach/instructor must not only help a golfer what he has to do, he must also show golfers how the process of change or creation of new skills is happening.

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