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The best quotes of Tiger Woods

By Michel Monnard

A fantastic sharer of knowledge and very well renowned golf coach from the US, Michael Hebron, has bothered to put together a series of quotes of Tiget Woods. Some of them are really powerful and can shape a golfer.

Find your little pearl in there and speak to your golf coach about it. We are here to help you make the best out of your golf, whatever your goals maybe.

Thanks again Michael, i will gladly share these with my readers.


➢ My lie dictates the shot I will play.

➢ I always listen to my body.

➢ Some days when I warm up I am hitting the ball low, other days I’m hitting it high. Some days the ball is drawing, others days it is fading. I just play what I am doing that day.

*(In 1986, Ben Hogan told me the same story – that he just played what his swing was producing that day.)

➢ As a junior golfer when I practiced with my Pop – we always played games trying to make the ball do different things from different situations. High shots, low shots, we tried to make the ball bounce left or right after it hit the ground. We did all sorts of things.

➢ Today when I practice I still like to play games – in fact I like to practice more than play on the course. I still try lots of dif
ferent, just like I did with my Pop.

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➢ We always practiced together seeing who could make the most 5’ putts

o who could hit it closer to the flag
o who could hit the biggest hook
o who could hit the highest shot
o who could back the ball up on the range
o who could be the most creative

➢ It was a creative- competitive environment.

➢ I learned a low 3 wood shot – but at first I was chicken to play it in a tournament.

➢ On normal shots, I swing at 75% of my power, on longer shots I swing at 90%. If I go out, I do not make solid contact – which is the most important thing.

➢ As a child, the club and ball became my playmate.

➢ Ultimately golf is a journey – full of learning and discovery.

➢ I love golf – but it must be courted slowly and patiently. Any other strategy will be met with a rebuff.

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➢ There are no short cuts – golf requires patience and perseverance, with a “yearning for learning”. Accepting the fact that it is a game of ups and downs and learning every time you play.
➢ In the year 2000 I won 12 times, including 3 majors and I only remember hitting one shot I would call perfect. It was a 3 wood on #14 in the third round of the British Open at St. Andrews. As with every shot I attempt I visualize that ball flight and the shot turned out exactly as I had planned. Moments like that stay fresh in my mind, providing a positive image for future reference.

➢ When I play – it is almost as if I get out of the way and just let it happen. I let it happen, I do not make it happen.

➢ I’m so in the present- I often do not remember making the swing (but his subconscious does).

➢ Often I do not hear any noise or anything when I am playing.

➢ I will always be respectful and gracious to opponents – but I want to win, to beat you by a lot, to beat you bad.

➢ “Tiger was an awesome golfer – but he didn’t know anything specific, he learned by experimenting on his own and watching his father,” Rudy Duran (Tiger’s first coach).

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➢ “Thinking too much over the ball can be a big problem. That’s what I see in my amateur partners, who appear paralyzed from too much analysis. Some can’t make even the easiest shot without running through a checklist.” (Tiger Woods, Golf Digest, May 2008)

➢ “Tiger Woods is appreciating the battle with boundless enthusiasm and passion, with a disposition that is closer to ‘play’ than that of nearly anyone else.”

➢ “Tiger didn’t think about his swing. His sole mission was to hit the ball at the target” said Tiger’s first coach, Rudy Duran.

➢ “Tiger, from a very young age, did not care about how other people played golf. Tiger was not interested in following in somebody else’s foot steps. The only thing on his mind was the ball, his club and to put the ball in the hole” (Rudy Duran, Tiger’s first coach.) Tiger once told a golf clinic audience, “One of the things my parents have taught me is never listen to other people’s expectations.”

➢ Tiger Woods – “you have to make adjustments each and every day, from shot to shot. All the things I’ve experienced just got to put into the file. I’ve been on tour 12 years, each and every day you feel a little bit different and you have to make slight adjustments to hit the shot you want to hit. It is just experiences and you can learn from them. I guarantee you 10 years from now that I’ll be a hell of a lot better with my course management than I am now, just because of that many years of experience.”

➢ At the 2005 Byron Nelson Classic, Tiger Woods missed his first cut in seven years, which had amounted to 142 tournaments, the longest no-cut streak in the PGA Tour history. “I couldn’t quite find where I needed to put the club to actually make a golf swing. I struggled warming up; I just didn’t have it today.”

➢ “I’ve learned to trust my subconscious. My instincts have never lied to me.”

➢ “My subconscious takes over”

➢ “Often I don’t remember hitting shots”

➢ “I have no technique on my mind, I just let it go

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