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  • Learn how to play competitive rounds
  • One week dedicated to golf
  • Groups with 2 persons
  • Practice outside of the lessons as well
  • Get our greenfee discounts on everything you play

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Course summary

For every newcomer to golf, obtaining a handicap is crucial. We offer assistance in preparing for exams, including rules and etiquette, playing ability, and driving range assessments. Depending on your country of residence, exams can be conducted during your holiday period. Our examinations are accepted worldwide. Upon completion, you will receive an official Spanish handicap license, which is universally transferable at all times to any National Golf Federation.

Let’s dive into the week: it is usually is a tough week. Most golfers come with too little preparation, that means they have to catch up and risk to miss the exam goal. That’s why we want interested new golfers to realize that to make an exam, they have to practice beforehand.

This tuition course is not a beginners course, it’s a course where you have to be able to hit golf balls. Ideally you should have had 10-15 lessons with your Teaching Professional before you arrive.

Day 1 to 3 are for practice, try to improve weeknesses and play on the course to get to know it and practice the shots you will be faced with in the exams.

Day 4 and 5 are exams day. We truly aim for everybody to pass, but sometimes it is just not possible due to too little playing ability.

The golfer will most probably have to practice on the other half day where we don’t have lessons. That means, the body needs to be able to and the mind needs to want it. In little cases is this a relaxing holiday week.

Our tipp: take 15 golf lessons with a local PGA pro beforehand. Practice what you got as homework in between the lessons. You should be able to hit golf balls 100 yards as a woman and 120 yards as a men. This on a regular basis, not just one in three.

To understand golf rules, consider taking a rules course at your local golf club, which typically lasts 6 to 8 hours. Alternatively, you can begin learning independently with us. Keep in mind that failing the rules exam, even after passing the playing ability test, means you must pass the rules exam before receiving certification. Take the preparation seriously and avoid merely showing up without proper readiness.

We do have a guided learning program that we offer to help you through your rules learning process. It happens through our Video Analysis Software. We well send you the leads you need to know when to read what, and how to go about it. But you will still have to invest a bit of time to actually do it. Ask us, we can help.

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Pricing 2024 Basic Complete Premium
Course days    5 days 5 days 7 days
Amount of lesson hours 10 h (2h/day) 15 h (3h/day 21 h (3h/day)
Green-fees exclusive,
we recommend
1x 9-holes
4x 3-holes
5x 9-holes 7x 9-holes
 Exam attempts  1 try  2 tries  4 tries
Use of Driving-Range
Range Balls  yes yes yes
Drinking water  no yes yes
Golf Clubs Rental  no yes yes
Trolley  no yes yes
Playing balls  no yes yes
Video analysis yes yes yes
Buggy  no no yes
Price for 1 person 760,- € 1140,- € 1630,- €
Price with 2 persons 550,- € 780,- € 1140,- €
Price with 3 persons 450,- € 675,- € 1090,- €
Price with 4 persons 420,- € 585,- € 1000,- €

These prices are per person. The yearly Handicap Licence from the Balearic Golf Federation is 102 Euro/year plus 12 Euro to add the first Handicap (one time payment). The Federation has, in recent years, offered new licences from September to December for free. Any international Golf licence issued from the official Federation can be transferred to any other Golf Federation at any time without any problem.

These prices are per person.

Important: you can see that we did not include the greenfees into our pricing. That has various reasons:

  • the greenfee prices change about 3 – 4 times per year. We don’t want to charge a golfer that comes to play in low season, prices of the high season. You pay what you play.
  • in every course we play a different amount of holes, as we mix range work and course work.

That’s why we have decided to take greenfees out of the calculations. Rest assured that you will always get our special school discount on everything you play (about a 20% discount) during this week.

Detailed description of the first handicap course

We do those handicap courses quite frequently, since about 28 years. We start golfers, educate them to the necessary amount so they can play with advanced golfers and enjoy it.

Many times, due to daily life, we get enquiries from new golfers that don’t have any experience in this sport. For this, we setup a series of ‘must-have´s’ before we take a golfer into our handicap course.

These must-have’s are related to practice and lessons before a golfer attends our handicap course. See it this way: this course is more of a test course, not a beginners course. The available time and the course goal would make it difficult if a golfer did not have at least 10 – 15 golf lessons and related practice upfront.

To prevent you from arriving ill prepared, we will invite you into our Video Analysis Software Setup, from where we guide you through the process of rules preparation.

During the week we have three half days with 3 hours of guided practice where we work on being able to play different shots from different situations. We also play a lot on course in this week, so it might be understandable that beginners first need a beginners course to get the basics and after a certain amount of practice, they then can access the examination course. We do this, to keep the options of passing in a reasonable percentage.

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From the moment of the first contact we can help you to understand what it takes to be ready in this week.

The last two days are when we do the rules exams and the playing ability exam.

During practice days, we often practice on the golf course, play different shot types and learn how to keep the bad shots away. New golfers don’t need to be perfect, but effective. New golfers need to learn how to play a competitive round of golf.

Of course if there are technical questions, we can work on them. You have enough time outside of the course time to practice.

On a round of golf, there are many moments where things get complicated. We work on how to obtain a playing rhythm, how to accept results and how to control the emotions.

Part of the learning process is how to play within the set time limits of the Federations, how to count and sign a stableford score card. Also how to do a proper warm-up for a competitive round is part of the course.

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This course will have some pressure in it, after all we have a weeks goal. We also have to mention, that unfortunately not everybody passes. That’s why we ask you to prepare beforehand.

If you have questions, please fill in the booking form and mention those questions. We can also call you, so you have answers to your questions.

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