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Tobias Widmer

  • tobias_closeup1Co-Owner and booking Coordinator 
  • Golf Teaching Professional of the
    PGA UK & I
  • Stack & Tilt Network Instructor
  • finished career at the Academies of the Carolinas (USA) in Golf Club Director, Teaching Professional and Club Fitter.
  • Swiss citizen, 43 years, married and dad to a daughter and a son
  • Languages: German, English and Spanish
  • Working in Majorca in this school since 2004
  • Instructional course: Capdepera Golf, northeastern part.
  • Co-author of the book “Golf-Konzentrat”

The game of golf seems to be the second most difficult sport after pole vault. This statement is probablynot entirely wrong. From my perspective, there are three options to solve this challenge:

  1. We try to learn all parts of the golf swing bit by bit, so that a technically correct golf swing is achieved.
  2. We learn to play the golf ball from point A to point B, with a natural movement and patterns with which we are already moored.
  3. We learn the correct golf swing with the in us slumbering natural movement patterns and improve the individual weak points in combination with modern technical aids. These include high-speed camera, video analysis, swing radar and many other practical tools.

Personally, I prefer the third option. My students will learn that seemingly difficult golf swing, as simple as possible. The subconscious mind takes over and the golf swing will become an automated sequence of movements without disturbing thoughts.

The primary goals in my golf lessons are:

  • Learn an easy repeatable and functioning golf swing by simple movement patterns as we know from everyday life
  • Consistent “ball-ground” contact
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Enjoy the game of Golf
  • Achieve personal goals

Whether beginner or single-handicap golfer, your golfing skills will be treated like a diamond with me. ;o)

  • Beginner swings will be “shaped”
  • Handicap player swings will be “sanded”
  • Single-handicap player swings will be “polished”

You will very soon find progress, achive more consistent ball contact, reach more distance, achieve improved directional control and take clever decisions during the round. But sometimes the desired progress doesn’t come overnight, so it takes patience and lots of practice. For this purpose, an appropriate quote from Vidal Sassoon: “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

I look forward to your visit and your interest in wanting to learn and improve.

Hasta pronto, Tobias.

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