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Instructional Golf courses

Our instructional courses in a summary

We offer a course format for every golfer. Course formats allow us to structure your practice in the most effective way. We can dedicate between 90mins to 3 hours per day, that will help us to improve not only technique but also play on the course.

Weekly courses

The courses will usually start on mondays and end fridays. We will try everything we can to make exceptions possible.

Intensive courses
clubs_ball_iconFor beginners and advanced handicap players. This course is ideal if your serious about improving and playing.

Beginners course
Advanced course
From Euro 230




“My first handicap” course
golfbag_iconEvery golfer aims to have a handicap and be able to play on the courses alone. The national golf federations have guidelines as to what playing level a novice golfer should have. This requires golfer to pass a Playing ability exam, a rules and etiquette exam and a driving-range test.
We will go through the exams on the last two days of the week. To be able to pass these exams, we consider, a golfer needs to have done at least 15 golf lessons with a PGA teaching pro plus practice time between those lessons. Restrictions in certain countries may apply.
“My first handicap” course
From 680 Euro


Family course
familienkurs_iconFamily activities are fantastic during holidays, but we also can separate adults from kids to cater for different optimal learning environments depending on playing level and age. Let us know what your wishes are and we plan accordingly.

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Daily courses

Intensive 3 hour session
hakenWe can work 45 mins on your short game, then another 45 mins on your long game and then play the rest on the course. Or we just play the course and practice on the course. Up to you.
From 99 Euro


Putting instruction course

putting_iconPutting does not have to be a mystery. Let us first test you, see where you have areas to improve and then work on those areas. We use a so called “SAM Puttlab”, which works with ultra-sound to shine a light on your movement. You will love the info you get here!
From 150 Euro



Trial course

schnupperkursYour not yet sure if golf is your sport? Well lets give it a go with a fun approach. We like to show you a bit of the short game, then hit a few balls to see how a golfer moves the club and the ball and then we go out on the course and just try and see what happens. So much fun this is.
From 99 Euro


Individual lessons
werkzeugkisteYou just want a quick look or have a question? Let us help you with the many years of teaching experience we have. One thing is the analysis, the second part of every lesson is skill acquisition. By far not all “faults” or bad shots are technical issues.

See it this way: a technical issue makes it just harder for the body to find a consistent solution (ie. coordinational correction). That’s why we sometimes work on improving the way a golfer moves. That will then help a golfer to do X on a more consistent basis. But then, we still have to be able to do something precise and in a consistent manner. So we now have to create and setup exercises that help you to create ability, to improve your skills in doing something.

From 55 Euro

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