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Michel Monnard


  • Managing director and co-owner of the school
  • PGA Golf Teaching Professional
  • Level 2 Accredited Instructor of the Harold Swash Putting School of Excellence
  • Certified Instructor of the Titleist Perfomance Institute: Certifications in Golf Fitness, Junior Coach, Golf Professional
  • 43 years old, born in Switzerland
  • Living/working in Mallorca since 1996
  • Languages: german, spanish, french and english. 
  • Working in: Capdepera Golf, north-east of the island.
  • Co-autor and editor of the book “Golf-Konzentrat”
  • Hobbies: running, gym, roller blading, continue learning
  • Interests: cigars, travel, science, technology

Many years ago, when I started to teach golf y had to get used to constantly trying to improve myself. The one who teaches, shall never cease to learn. So I keep reading on a daily basis on a variety of topics to improve my lessons.

I have incorporated the newest technology that exists on the market. A Flightscope X2 Radar, a Boditrak pressure mat, high speed camera, Sam Puttlab that works with ultra sound… and I keep learning every day on how to use them more effectively with golfers. Technology helps me make more informed decisions rather then just doing the guess-game with eyeballing the swing.

The way we go forward with pupils depends on who we have in front of us. There is no fixed way, no “always the same” or standardized way. 

In our lessons, we try to play as much as we can on the course. We use the range to work on general shot technique, but understand that the golf course tests us in many different ways. So one of the practice goals is to understand how practice needs to be structured to become effective in the creation of shots on the golf course.

Golf is a beautiful game, that can be played in many different ways. You set the bar for yourself and we try to help you achieving your goals. May that be playing golf just for pure fun without counting every stroke or because golf gives you a great way of challenging yourself in competitions.

We hope to soon have you with us and that our years of daily experience can help you enjoy this sport to the best.

See you soon and hasta pronto

Michel Monnard


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