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We are very happy about our feedbacks from booking process to the actual week with our guests. Nevertheless, we constantly try to improve so that our daily work is in your benefit.

Here some of our advantages

The best lessons

Proven methods
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If of one thing we can be sure, it’s that we have developed ways of learning that are efficient with your time. From “the golf mechanics” to a series of coordination exercises, rules of golf and playing lessons on the course. We have a variety of lesson formats that fit your request. We can surely find the match for you.




PGA Golf Teaching Professionals
logo pga españaOur golf instructors are members of the PGA’s body. The Professional Golfers Association. The further educational courses we go through are keeping us up to date with not only golf swing technique, but also golf fitness, marketing, play and the use of new technology.




Using newest technology
flightscope x2 sam puttlabIn the past years we have been interested in acquiring newest technology to assist in our lessons. We use a FlightScope X2 Radar, which uses microwave technology just as in military radar, tracking golf ball and club movements. We also use the Boditrak pressure mat for weight and pressure shift. For putting, we have a SAM Puttlab at our disposal, which uses ultra-sound waves to track the putter up to a tenth of a degree. Newest high-speed video caption helps us visualize the movement in slow-motion. Why all this? Because we care to make more informed decision rather than guess work.

Variation of courses
golfkurse_iconWe are proud of having a series of courses that actually work. We are working with changing the environment to find out how learning happens best, how to transfer abilities from the range to the course. We actually work on a quite course, so we can get out and play with our pupils on the course, making the learning experience complete.



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Services that solve your questions

Help in travel preparation
capdeperagolf_sonbarbassa_googlemapsOf course, in travel preparation you will run into doubts. Which hotel, is the “what we can do” up to our expectations? Beaches, wine tasting, shopping, sightseeing. One of the most important weeks of your year, your holiday, that’s what this week is for you. We take it serious from A to Z.


Summary of the golfing week
pitchen video analyse patrickWe believe it is really important that a pupil can take something with him to remember when he goes to his next practice sessions. And a 20 min long video is not what that should be. It should be filtered down info, right down to the very important. That’s why during the week with sum up the week with cause & effect explanations, setup exercises to improve the movement quality but also the skill acquisition.


Competitive and fair prices
hakenThe cheap stuff not always is the best solution. One of our claims is: If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. We can justify our lesson prices with value and quality. We also don’t include costs that don’t appear in the lessons. We don’t include greenfees in our courses for the very reason that every course is different, some play more some play less. You should just pay what play.


Club fitting
werkzeugkisteOne of our obligations during the week is making sure you have the right material at hand. From shortening or lengthening clubs, changing grips and shafts for a better fit to adding clubs to fill gaps or exchanging clubs if we see them not being helpful.


We speak english

michel_tobi_closeup2We are swiss citizens, we speak a bunch of languages that make it easier for you to understand and comunicate.





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A beautiful place

The most beautiful courses

Of course beauty is individual, but the selection of courses all have one thing in common: our repeating guests love it.




Fantastic practice facilities 
putting gruen clubhause palmeA real strong point that is. We have ample space to our disposal making practice of shot variability easy for all levels. I haven’t seen a practice area – but ours – where they have a target every 10 yards to practice pitching. And we practice off grass, and use mats only if helpful for pupils.



The weather certainly helps
sonneOf course Majorca has better weather than many other destinations. Just 90 flight minutes from the center of Europe, that seems an easy decision. 8 rain days/month in December is about the worst it gets. In hotter times, we play in the early morning or early evening hours.




Security, countryside and city tourism and sandy beaches
Nowadays security becomes more and more important. We are very happy to still have an assured security. The accommodation options are such a variety that the biggest problem of your holidays will be, which hotel to choose. We can certainly help with that. And the sandy beaches, most of them in a natural environment are just spectacular.



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