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  • Customized Adaptation: Tailored one-on-one lessons according to your goals and level.
  • Professional Video Analysis: Cutting-edge technology to identify areas for improvement.
  • Intensive Learning Experience: Realistic training on the course or range for effective progress.
  • Practical Exercises for Home: Effective methods for independent continued learning.
  • Goal-Oriented Results: Work directly on your issues.
  • Long-term Skill Enhancement: Lasting skill development and practical transfer to the golf course.

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Golf lessons at our golf school are designed to address your doubts and questions. Some may need only individual lessons, while others may benefit more from a week-long course. A PGA Golf Professional undergoes an intensive training program and continuous education. Our teaching experience now spans over 28 years of daily golf instruction.

It’s easy to write about private lessons. What’s more challenging is not to lose oneself in them. A golf lesson is still a brief moment where information is passed on or emergency assistance is provided.

But it can also be a moment in which we show the golfer what exercises they can do to improve at a certain type of shot. Very often, we don’t need to change anything; we simply help the golfer get better.

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The ball flies in a curve. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, as long as the curve is consistent. Interfering at this moment can cause more confusion than good. Of course, it’s often necessary to learn why a ball curves and how we can control the amount of curve.

Knowing that golf is a difficult sport will influence your training. Not everyone is an elite athlete; for most of us, golf is a recreational sport. This will naturally influence the objectives of the private lesson.

The other day, I had a lesson with a handicap 9. We started on the green, and I tried to identify his problem through questions. After 2 putts, we discussed his training methods. For the rest of the hour, we talked about how his training should be, what exercises he should do, and how he could create exercises for himself. This really good and dedicated golfer needed to hear that in training, EVERY BALL COUNTS. We compiled a list of things he needs to consider in his training. He went home happy. So, it’s not always about hitting 100 balls.

Modern technology can be a significant aid in golf instruction. Sometimes, I want to know specific details precisely, or I want to see the motion in slow motion. Or I may need to determine if distance control problems stem from varying angles of departure. Or a golfer struggles to hit the ball in the center of the club face… then I need to figure out if the issue is due to a physical limitation, a technical matter, or the equipment. It could also be a balance problem. That’s why I often need my new iPhone, which, with its slow-motion feature at 240 fps, shows me details. I then show this video to the golfer on an iPad mini, and we annotate it with lines and comments. This corrective video is then provided to the golfer.

Sometimes our golfers also tell us that there’s a specific shot they can’t manage to hit on the course. Well, then we take a buggy and drive to a quiet spot on the course. We’re lucky that, except for a few weeks during peak season, we have a relatively quiet course and can always find a good place to work with the golfers.

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Planning a golf lesson in advance is difficult when you don’t know the golfers. This makes our work exciting, and we really want to help you. Whatever problem you have, we would be happy to spend time with you. Your progress is our passion!

Individual lessons are 60 mins.

  • 1 person: 70,- €
  • 2 persons: 85,- €
  • 3 persons: 110,- €
  • 4 persons: 120,- €

Not included: 10 Euros per person for range fee (payable to the golf club) and 6 Euro for range balls per session.

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