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  • Daily training is the best way to learn
  • Do the first step during the holidays
  • Play on the course everyday
  • Understand why Golf is so addictive
  • Max. 2 persons per course/teacher
  • Thanks to modern video software, you will have your correction videos in your personal library
  • Get our schools discounted greenfees for all you play

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Golf Course Summary

Our beginner golf course offers an ideal introduction for new golfers or those looking to take their first steps into the sport in a relaxed environment. Over five days, with three hours each day, you’ll immerse yourself in a comprehensive training program that includes daily practice on the driving range as well as on-course lessons.

One of the highlights of our course is the opportunity for beginners to play a few holes on the golf course each day, making the learning process varied, exciting, and practical.

If you’re not sure if golf is the right sport for you, we invite you to discover the true golfing experience through our proven course structure and find out if golf fits into your life.

In designing our lessons, drawing from 28 years and thousands of golf courses, we’ve refined a flexible approach. Recognizing the uniqueness of each golfer, we tailor our proven system to accommodate diverse goals and skill levels. Our focus encompasses all shot types, allowing ample time for mastery. Understanding that learning may require repetition, we integrate targeted drills to ensure comprehensive understanding. Ultimately, our aim is to equip you to independently hone your skills post-course, paving the way towards achieving your first handicap.

During the lessons, your golf instructor creates correction videos that you can find in your personal video library. This way, you can track your progress and continue your training with purpose.

We encourage our golfers to also conduct additional training sessions outside of the golf course. After all, the goal is to finally be able to play golf. You can do that with us because you are on vacation and can adjust your schedule day by day to fit your golfing desires.

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Prices 2018 Basic Complete Premium
Course days    5 days 5 days 7 days
Amount of practice hours 7,5 h (2h/day) 15 h (3h/day) 21 h (3h/day)
Green-fees exclusive,
we recommend you
1x 9-holes
4x 3-holes
5x 9-holes 7x 9-holes
Range balls  yes yes yes
Drinking water  no yes yes
Golf Clubs  no yes yes
Trolley  no yes yes
Playing balls  no yes yes
Video analysis yes yes yes
Buggy  no no yes
Price for 1 person 590,- € 1090,- € 1590,- €
Price with 2 persons 430,- € 750,- € 1229,- €
Price with 3 persons 360,- € 650,- € 970,- €
Price with 4 persons 345,- € 560,- € 929,- €

Prices are per person.

Important Note: Please be aware that our price list does not include green fees. There are several reasons for this:

1. Green fee prices change approximately four times per year. We aim to ensure fairness by not charging golfers high season prices when they play during low season.

2. The number of holes played on each course varies depending on the level of play.

Therefore, we have made the decision to exclude green fees from our calculation. This means you only pay for the rounds you actually play. Rest assured, you will always receive our special school rates when you play during your holidays. Your satisfaction is our priority. We’re here to take care of you.

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Detailed description

Our Beginner Golf Course is perfect for those taking their first steps in the sport, whether you’ve had a few lessons, watched golf on TV, or are completely new to the game. We tailor our approach to your individual skill level and guide you from there.

During your holiday, you’ll have three hours each day to discover the world of golf at your own pace – a wonderful opportunity to fully immerse yourself in this new experience, away from the everyday distractions at home.

In general, our approach revolves around developing all facets of your game. Typically, we kick off with a 45-60 minute short game session, followed by an hour-long session focusing on various aspects of the game, and conclude with an hour on the course. Since beginners come with varying levels of experience, we tailor our exercises accordingly, adapting to each golfer’s starting point.

While we have established routines, we view them more as guidelines rather than rigid structures. For instance, the first day usually emphasizes chipping, followed by pitching on the second day, delving deeper into putting on day three, and wrapping up with sand play on day four. Day five typically involves more gameplay on the course.

After each session, we sit down to discuss the plan for the next day, evaluating progress and making any necessary adjustments. As beginners, we take the lead, but we’re always receptive to your input and strive to accommodate your preferences.

Throughout the week, your long game will undergo significant development. The initial day is often when the golf swing fundamentals are established, leading to enlightening “aha” moments. Regardless of your prior experience, we build a solid foundation in the first two days, progressively expanding your skill set until playing from grass feels natural.

Drawing from our extensive experience with newcomers, we ensure that the learning process is enjoyable, diverse, and intensive. During the final hour of each session, we join you on the golf course, tailoring gameplay to your individual skill level while fostering familiarity with golf etiquette, procedures, and rules.

It’s during this time that newcomers may realize the complexities involved, but our structured approach provides the necessary guidance to develop both skills and procedural confidence efficiently. With 28 years of golf instruction under our belt, we cultivate a light-hearted yet productive learning environment.

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We place great emphasis on creating a conducive learning environment and showing you how to effectively train independently. Our experienced PGA golf instructors provide valuable tips for continuously improving your game outside of the course.

Each training session concludes with a summary, setting goals for the next day, and providing recommendations for your individual practice program. We are also available to answer any questions you may have about your golf vacation.

Our beginner golf courses are a matter of the heart for us. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people explore the fascinating world of golf.

Come and join us for a great week of Golf and of course holidays. We have got some great beaches and mountain areas close by.

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