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Our practice facilites

By Michel Monnard

Capdepera Golf, Majorca, Spain – Situation

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Our video on Capdepera Golf


Putting Green 1

Positioned strategically before the club house, the expansive putting green serves as an optimal training ground for refining technique, fine-tuning setup, and mastering the art of negotiating gentle slopes around the hole. This unique landscape offers a wealth of subtle breaks, providing an ideal environment for developing the discernment needed to navigate them effectively—a skill often challenging to cultivate amidst larger undulations. The aesthetic appeal is further heightened by the presence of stone stairs leading gracefully to the terrace, adding a touch of sophistication to the surroundings.

Putting Green 2 – Chipping
Chipping Gruen Semirough Driving RangeThis area serves as an invaluable training ground for refining short chip shots from the semi-rough surrounding the green, a common scenario encountered during rounds. It facilitates the development of lower trajectory chips, adeptly navigating the undulating terrain to approach the flag with precision. For novice players, we prioritize honing their putting skills from the apron, exploring alternative techniques such as putting from just beyond the fringe. By diversifying shot options, we empower golfers to navigate on-course challenges with versatility and confidence.

Chipping Green 1

Adjacent to the clubhouse, this quaint green boasts adjustable flags and a subtle slope, offering an ideal setting for honing uphill and downhill putting skills. A common drill entails alternating between downhill, uphill, and straight putts, challenging golfers to adapt to varying terrains and recall previous shot trajectories – a recipe for significant skill enhancement.

Furthermore, we simulate challenging high shots around the green from distances of 10 to 20 meters, adding an element of pressure as wayward shots may necessitate a search in the surrounding woods. This playful yet instructive exercise fosters a dynamic learning environment where pupils engage in friendly competition while refining their short game proficiency.

Chipping Green 2

This green serves as a canvas for refining fundamental shot techniques and making adjustments to chip and pitch shots in a simplified setting. Here, we craft various scenarios by altering distances, club selections, and ball flight trajectories, providing ample space for experimentation and learning through trial and error. It’s a space where understanding and self-discovery naturally unfold.

For those preparing for exams, this area becomes a haven for mastering approach shots. Putter or sand wedge? Pitching wedge or 8 iron? Determining the optimal club choice for minimizing errors becomes the focus of our practice sessions.

We always encourage our golfers to utilize this practice space beyond lesson times – unless, of course, a beach outing beckons irresistibly.

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Pitching Greenes 1 – 2 – 3

Space is our greatest asset, providing the canvas upon which we craft diverse exercises and practices. It’s crucial for golfers to learn how to utilize space effectively in their training regimen—to learn how to practice strategically.

Greens 1, 2, and 3 offer us the ideal setting to establish a pitching game spanning 20, 40, and 75 meters respectively. For beginners, honing the ability to land within the designated zones is paramount. With ample room for error around these greens, golfers can experiment with technique and shots without the fear of repercussions.

Additionally, we leverage these greens to simulate semi-rough approach shots from varying distances, further enhancing our players’ versatility and adaptability on the course.

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Driving Range with mats

michel tobias boditrak flightscope driving range

For those accustomed to northern or middle European settings, mats may be a familiar sight. They serve as a practical solution for golf courses aiming to reduce costs while ensuring consistent strike quality. Here, we offer both options—mats and grass—to cater to a range of skill levels and preferences.

Mats provide an excellent starting point, particularly for golfers refining their swing mechanics or struggling to control their low point of impact. By simplifying the setup, we can focus on refining body movements and club techniques before introducing additional challenges. The forgiving nature of mats accommodates minor inconsistencies, fostering trust and enjoyment in the learning process.

While complexity may eventually come into play, our approach prioritizes gradual progression, one step at a time.


Grass tee on Driving Range

Certainly, we’ve got you covered. Our training area boasts a range of features designed to refine your skills and enhance your game. With a focus on achieving clean impact, we emphasize the difference between hitting off grass versus mats. Being able to hit from gras is a crucial ability and something that is to be learned, especially by beginner and newer golfer.

The semi-rough strip, strategically positioned just ahead of the fairway cut, offers an ideal setting for practicing shots from various lies, including those with the ball below or above your feet. Additionally, our elevated mounts provide an opportunity to simulate uphill/downhill and sidehill shots, replicating real course challenges.

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Within this zone lies the Pitching area, where mastering distance and ball flight height control is paramount. Target posts, spaced every 10 meters and laterally displaced, serve as focal points for honing distance control – a daily regimen encouraged for 20 minutes beyond lesson time.

While distinguishing between 30 and 50 meters may seem straightforward, mastering the nuances between 30/40/50 and their counterparts 60/70/80 and 90 presents a more intricate challenge – one we’re committed to helping you conquer.

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To optimize our use of these targets during gameplay, we’ve implemented designated corridors tailored to specific shot types. For iron shots, we’ve crafted corridors half a green wide, perfectly aligning with the laterally displaced targets in our Pitching area. This setup allows for precise distance control and accuracy training.

For shots with hybrids, fairway woods, and the Driver, we utilize the space between the poles and the distance markers to simulate fairway conditions, offering a realistic practice environment.

Expanding our range, we’ve introduced two additional targets adorned with flags on the opposite side. This strategic placement ensures multiple options from both ends of the range, providing ample targets to aim for and challenges to conquer.

It’s crucial for golfers to cultivate the skill of creating their own practice games, even outside the range. Too often, we observe members resorting to monotonous sessions, repetitively hitting balls with the 7 iron. By embracing variation and creativity, we unlock the full potential of each practice session.

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A well-prepared lesson tee offers the advantage of compact soil, aiding golfers in gaining confidence and control over the low point of their swing. Unlike mats, which can lead to misalignment, the natural terrain fosters authenticity in shot execution, revealing typical aim patterns and shot tendencies, along with common misses.


The golf course and how we use it 

The golf course presents us with remarkable opportunities for both practice and play. The first nine holes offer simplicity and ample room for error, making them ideal for beginners and those aiming to pass their playing ability exam. Here, drivers can be practiced without the fear of losing too many balls.

As we progress to the second nine, the difficulty level rises significantly. With lateral and frontal water hazards, challenging terrain, and blind holes, including the infamous “valley of dead balls,” golfers are met with a formidable test of skill and strategy.

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Our greens boast a moderate complexity compared to other courses in the region, featuring varied elevations without steep gradients. With cold grass types, our turf thrives between 18 – 25º C, ensuring vibrant greenery year-round.

In essence, we offer everything necessary for efficient game improvement. Outside of lesson hours, golfers can enjoy the course with minimal crowds, particularly advantageous for beginners seeking a relaxed environment. The opportunity to conclude the day with a delightful dinner at the clubhouse adds a touch of elegance, ensuring a memorable holiday experience.

With these advantages, we strive to craft the perfect getaway for our guests.

Welcome to beautiful Capdepera Golf !

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