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Why getting better in a golf lesson has several sides

By Michel Monnard

We divide a golf lesson into different sections: Q&A, testing and data collection, discussions on corrections, improvements, transfer to course and skill aquisition. A golfer can mechanically not know or not be able to play a pitch shot. Then he has to learn how to play a pitch shot, how to move the club, how to use the body to control de shot and make it consistent.

Chipping Gruen Training Tobias 2Once a golfer knows how to do it, we have to change the goals of the lessons. It’s about getting better, about gaining control over impact, flight height, distance control or spin. Not to forget tactical intelligence.

When assessing a player, we obviously like to see certain things within the technique, but it’s not a must. If the player has the skills to play the shots from different lies and under stress, then why change something? Just because it is not text book?

That’s why in lessons we started to implement testing instead of just watching a swing. Testing requires a golfer to deliver a result under certain conditions. That involves decision making and action.

Testing can’t just be used on individual abilities, like distance control. It has to come with the ability to plan a shot over a bunker and deliver clean impact, distance and directional control as much as the required amount of spin for the shot.

Once we get into skill development or creating abilities, we change our path.

Chipping Exercises 3To become more skilful, we use manipulated exercises. That means, we create difficult situations or setup stations to help with difficulty, so that the golfer finds himself in ever changing environments in which he has to learn and change the movement to adapt to the situation.

We want desirable difficulties in practice. We should never relate performance in practice with how much we have learned.

So your golf swing doesn’t have to become a construction site if you go for golf lessons. Not at all.

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On the other hand, when we have doubts, we can still rely on the use of modern technology to analyse in more details and make more informed decisions.

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