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Clubfitting and repair in our golf school in Majorca

By Michel Monnard

Club repair is something every golfer needs from time to time. Either you bought clubs on the internet and they don’t seem to work for you, which might indicate that they don’t fit in some way. Or you break a shaft or want to change a grip or two.

As a visiting golfer, of course it is disturbing to have club issues in the week your visiting. Well, we got you covered. Leave the clubs with us over night and we make them shine again.

Should you be in the market to buy a new set of clubs, let us help and prepare them so you can use them the next day.

Often we encounter women, that inherited the old set of their one head taller husband. Even worse, sometimes they played with those clubs for years. Dear Ladies, mens clubs are longer, with a thicker grip, usually with stiffer shafts and different lie angles than what you needed. Don’t let the men in the house decide you must play with their old clubs.

Dear Men: Ladies, sometimes just love pink grips (yeah… they really do!), they also find lighter clubs easier to swing, shafts should be softer to help them with slower swing speeds. Men Driver usually have less loft, which is exactly the oposite of what we need for slower swinging ladies to maximize distance.

Our club fitting programme helps setting things right. Is that trying different hybrids to find the one you need to close the distance gap between your 5 iron and your 5 wood or a simple grip change. We fit clubs to golfers. We measure to make sure its right, we see your personal setup preferences and allow the clubs to fit you, not the other way round.

Contact us through the contact form button on the top right of the website or give us a ring at +34 678 578 051 (Tobias Widmer).

Tobias has recently been awarded with a Top 100 Club Fitter of the Year award from KZG. Your clubs are in good hands.

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