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Social Media Post Addition: How to improve your Self-Talk in Golf

By Michel Monnard


Strenght Training for your Golf brain

Successfull Golfer have developed not only a sound technique, but they have also worked intensively on how the do self-talk to maintain confidence and grit.

Self-Talk is always there, but the important thing is that they are positive. Here a few ideas with which you can start:

– before every shot visualise a good result and how it makes you feel good

– 10 balls, play 10 different shots, have 10 tees in your left pocket. With every negative thought/comment move one tee to the right pocket. Can you keep all 10 tees in your left pocket?

– change between easy and difficult shots. Depending on your level it might be enough difficulty to just switch between Iron, Hybrid and Driver. Or add sidehill lies, rough lies, ball in divot combined with easier situations.

-> two things here:

– did you analyse the shot and how to adapt the technique / setup to help solving it? What could you improve in your preparation?

– What happens when you hit a bad shot? Learn to comment more what happened instead of how bad you did (oh, that was a topped one – that one is left of the target etc)

Now start thinking about situations you could include positive self-talk, maybe not only in Golf (#lifehack)

It’s not so much the “will to win” that counts. Everybody has that. It`s more about who has the will to prepare that makes the difference.


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