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Capdepera – a wonderful place to spend your next Golfing holiday

Capdepera, the best place to enjoy your favourite sport. Start the day with a delicious breakfast with country side or sea views. Continue with a round of golf, a coast walk, a visit to one of the 5 sandy beaches, get fit on a bike round trip or enjoy the best views from a Mountainbike trip. Maybe rent a motor bike in the afternoon for a beautiful ride up to Cap Formentor.

How do we teach playing strategy for golf?

Our weekly golf schools help golfer of all levels how to access and digest the important information to create a playing strategy and once the basis plan gets overthrown they know how to manage risk for the reminder of the hole/round.

Golf-Fitness during your holidays in Majorca

Golf is a rotational sport, including balance, power, coordination, acceleration etc. Golf-Fitness is the tool that helps you perform better. Find out how we introduce golfers into golf-fitness during their holidays in Majorca.

A different view on why you hit bad golf shots with your golfswing

Too many times a golf swing produces unpractical results. Well, you might be closer to becoming a consistent golfer than you think. Here is how you have to view it and adapt your practice to become more consistent with your golfswing.