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Why Golf Lessons for Kids are Priceless Investments

The question often arises: “Why should we invest in golf lessons for our children?” Today, I want to show you why it’s worth investing in this form of physical activity. It’s not just about children learning to play golf, but rather about how this investment can enrich your family’s life in the long run.

As Golf Coaches and PGA Golf Teaching Professionals we always strive for better

  Unveiling Evolution: My Daily Quest to Enhance Your Experience in Mallorca These are just some thoughts from us about our daily lives with pupils. It seems natural to think the Golf Teaching Professional has a good and easy life, because he knows. Well, to some extent routines play into our lives very much so.On […]

How a new Golfer gets his first Handicap, ideally

In Spain, there is the option to issue a license without a Handicap. This means that the golfer is a member of the association, pays their fee, but does not yet have a Handicap – as they have not earned or developed it in most cases. They can now evolve locally, before entering with full playing rights.

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