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Short summary of the family golf course

Experience an unforgettable active week with your family, where fun and improving your golf game are at the forefront, led by your experienced PGA golf instructor. We offer flexible teaching options so that children and adults can either train together or separately in the same time slots.

For the little ones, we have designed adventure golf lessons that playfully awaken joy in golf, while teenagers will discover the challenge and fun on the green. Our main goal is to work specifically on fine-tuning your golf skills or laying a solid foundation for beginners, depending on your preference.

Our golf instructors place great importance on boosting children’s self-confidence and setting realistic expectations. Since golf is a challenging sport, we tailor the instruction individually to the abilities and needs of each player.

From technical training to playful learning and hitting balls – we see golf as a game that should bring joy. Therefore, we take the time every day to go to the course with the young golfers, where playing and learning go hand in hand.

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Prices and Custom Offers

Due to the variety of variables, such as the number of participants, green fees, and lesson hours, we ask you to fill out our inquiry form. This way, we can provide you with a tailored offer that precisely fits your needs.


Detailed Description of the Family Golf Course

Every family has its unique dynamics, and while the saying “Happy children, happy parents” often holds true, we aim to take it a step further: We want the adults to be enchanted as well. After two decades in the business, we’ve learned that vacation wishes vary from family to family.

Some families crave quality time together and prefer to learn as a group – quality over quantity. Others opt for a more individual approach, with children and adults taught separately, especially for the younger members under 13 or 14 years old.

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For some, golf is less of a serious sport and more of a joyful family activity. This requires us to get creative with our course design since a golf instructor can’t be everywhere at once. We create exercises that integrate learning through play, magically improving movement patterns and conveying the joy of self-discovery to the young golfers.

In teaching the littlest ones, we rely on a blend of play, fun, and golf to create a loving and adventurous learning environment. Through imaginative courses and creative challenges, children learn the basics of golf in a playful manner, while their urge to explore is awakened and nurtured.

For adults without children by their side, we revert to proven teaching methods, similar to a week-long course for beginners or advanced players.

Whether practicing chipping and driving together or in separate groups, we ensure that each learning method is ideally tailored to the situation. Safety is our top priority, especially when it comes to flying balls and swinging clubs.

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Tailoring to Your Wishes

From the booking process onwards, we want to know if you prefer to have lessons together with your children or separately. We fully adapt to your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Since prices depend on various factors such as the number of instructors, students per instructor, and lesson hours, we do not offer flat rates. A brief email is enough, and we will send you a personalized offer.

We look forward to welcoming you soon to unforgettable golf vacations with us.

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A Little Guide for Parents

Studies show that certain words before and after sports competitions can shape your children’s attitude. It’s about expectation management, emotional control, and growing together through sports. A tough competition should be an enriching experience, not a reason for motivational issues. Remember that 99% of children are not training for the Olympics. So, let’s put aside high expectations and allow our children to simply have fun.

Before the competition:

– Go and have a lot of fun.
– Do your best.
– I love you.

After the competition:

– Did you have fun?
– I’m proud of you!
– I love you.

And don’t forget to tell your children: “It’s so wonderful to watch you play.”

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