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  • Experience the fascination of golf in Mallorca with our Trial or Introduction Golf Course.
  • Structured beginner golf course for a comprehensive insight into golfing.
  • Golfing accessible to all ages, ensuring long-term enjoyment.
  • Selection of suitable golf clubs for an optimal playing experience.
  • From short game to golf swing: all the important aspects of the game.
  • Playing on the golf course: experiencing realistic gameplay.

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Short summary

Ideal for beginners and those who simply want to see what golf is all about. We offer the 3 hour introductory golf classes ,which is generally split into around 90 – 120 minutes practicing on the driving-range and then play a few holes on the golf course. This way a golf novice gets the full picture of the golfers need to practice.

Golf is a very social game. Golf can be played up to higher ages, it can be played alone or with friends. It can be played competitively or just for the pure fun and nature. It can be played all over the world and every golf course is different, yet every hole is different (find a link in the end of this article to see the most awesome holes in golf). There is plenty of more advantages why golf can also be YOUR game!

Come and join us for a fun introductory golf session during your holidays.


  • 1 pax Euro 195
  • 2 persons Euro 165/person
  • 3 persons Euro 140/person
  • 4 persons Euro 110/person

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Detailed description

Have you seen golf on TV and you found that it had “something”? Or you have friends that play and they tell you how much fun and awesome it is? Let me tell you this: They are right. It is awesome!

Want to give it a go?

What do we have to do, so that you have the best chance to find out if this game is something for you? We have to show you what is so special about the different shot types we have, we have to show you that golf is a game with rules and etiquette, which ensures safety and concentration. But after all, we have to take you out on the golf course. Consider it done!

As you arrive, first thing is, you will be so impressed by the grass. It’s so much fun watching those faces when they discover how tiny, short and dense grass can be. Having had the first wow, we continue with selecting the right golf clubs for you. Ladies clubs have thinner grips and a softer shaft, and sometimes they come in pink colours. Lengthwise we have to have the right material, otherwise this will not work.

We start by getting to know the practice facilities, we pass by the tee of hole 1 and go over to the short game area, which we will use to start the session.

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After a short initial chat about what clubs we have in the bag, we start learning how to hold the club and how to play the little chip shots, up to 10 meter. This little shot will allow you to find out what you have to do so that the ball does the “right thing”.

We introduce a little technical information, something we do on purpose. This, to show you, what skills you have to acquire to play this game to a reasonable level.

After chipping, we go into putting. The putt is the last shot to play the ball into the hole (usually that boring part of golf when you see it on TV). We learn how to hold the putter and how to make a stroke. We speak about distance control and do a few exercises to become better at it.

To finish the short game piece, we do a little competition where we chip a ball and then putt it into the hole. Let’s see who has the least amount of strokes.

Now on to the long game. It won’t take too long until the balls are flying “over there”. We’ll fine tune it a bit so that the balls will a bit more “there” and less “over there”. There are a few short cuts to help you with this.

After about 90 minutes from holding your first golf club, we go out on the real golf course. The first time is always quite emotional, seeing the “greenhorns” live it.

The Teaching Professional will help you with everything you need to know. We have the material, tees (those little wooden sticks to place the ball upon), balls (for the ladies, some are even pink) and drinking water to hydrate.

On the golf course you will see difficulties increase. It is important to see that we can play easily, softening the difficulties. But then this experience is also for you to see the real difficulty of this game. TV is cheating this. Those guys are really good. We strongly believe it is important for you to see the atmosphere, how nature plays into our game. But at the same time feel the struggles one has to control that little white (or pink) thing in a rather hostile environment for golf balls.

In the end, this is such a fun experience. Promised. Either in a family or with a group of friends. Laughs will always accompany us.

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To end this article, we want you to see the beauty that is waiting for you out there. This is a link to Google Images searching for the most awesome golf holes in the world. You will see how fast you will look for that orange button underneath here where it says: Sign-up.

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