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  • Targeted putting training: 2 hours of intensive training for error correction and significant performance improvement.
  • Cutting-edge teaching materials: Use of the latest training aids for a maximally efficient learning experience.
  • Custom putter fitting: Tailored adjustment of your putter for optimal results, conducted at the end of the session.
  • Home exercises for lasting success: Provision of proven training methods to continue developing the skills learned in the course independently at home.

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Summary of the Golf Course

In the putting course, we fundamentally focus on stance and grip and their impact on your game. Our teaching approach follows the principle of cause and effect. Instead of just treating symptoms, we aim to uncover the roots of your weaknesses and address them directly.

A key component of the course is distance control. Together we learn and improve techniques to master distance control.

A commonly mentioned issue is controlling the slope in the last meter, closely related to correctly reading the green. Here too, we offer solutions to optimize your game.

The rolling behavior of the ball is another critical point – unwanted hops on the green are a thing of the past. We solve the mystery and help you achieve a tour-level roll.

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The individual wishes and problems of the golfer determine the course of the training. Although the range of topics in putting may seem limited, we are prepared for all challenges.

An essential part of the course is also putter fitting. Where necessary, we make adjustments to the putter, which we can implement on-site within 24 hours thanks to our equipment. This ensures that the putter fits you perfectly.

Putting, our favorite shot, and the key to your success on the green!

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Detailed Description of the Putting Course

The course starts with an opening discussion in which we talk about your previous putting experiences and goals. Then we conduct a series of tests, including video analyses, to evaluate your skills in the three essential areas of putting – green reading, distance, and direction control.

Through the initial conversation and test exercises, we quickly identify common sources of error to determine whether they are technical or instinctive in nature. Golfers often report recurring problems that are mostly related to precision, posture, and mechanics. Video recordings help us visualize corrections, even if they are minimal adjustments that become apparent as soon as the ball’s reaction is observed.

We analyze how grip, posture, aim alignment, and stroke execution can lead to problems and aim to clarify any confusion or uncertainties.

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The topic of distance control or its lack is also often addressed, whether due to different teaching approaches or simply due to infrequent play. Tournament players often face specific problems that can be quickly explained and solved. With more ambitious golfers, we develop a training plan for effective practice at home.

Understanding the actual problem is the first step. Then, we develop a system to simplify problem-solving. With exercises for reading the green, we improve your ability to recognize and control slopes.

The rolling behavior of the ball is another interesting aspect of this course. We show how the angle of attack, loft at the moment of impact, and clubface alignment influence the roll of the ball – here too, video analysis provides valuable services for a clear understanding.

fitting tool puttingA central point of the course is putter fitting. We offer a variety of putters to adjust your stance if necessary, which in turn affects the length and lie angle of your putter. With our specialized fitting tool, we measure these parameters and adjust your putter accordingly.

We upload all training videos, correction clips, and marked photos to your personal video library, so you can access them at any time after the course.

Overall, we offer a comprehensive program for golfers who have recognized that a putt from 80 cm away that misses the target counts as much as a 200 m drive. One stroke.


  • One person: 160 euros
  • Two people: 210 euros

Our goal is to fundamentally improve your putting game and equip you with the skills to act confidently and successfully on the green.

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