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  • Ideal practice facilities and weather in Majorca
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  • We adapt the instruction to your needs
  • Combination of range and on course work
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Course highlights

Get ready to take your golf game to the next level with our dynamic and engaging golf-tuition course! Whether you’re a seasoned player with a handicap or just starting out with your first handicap 54, our program is designed to help you master the game in a fun and effective way.

Join us for five days a week, three hours each day, as we dive into a comprehensive blend of driving range practice and on-course playing lessons. With small group sizes, we tailor our instruction to suit the needs of each individual, ensuring that every aspect of the game is covered throughout the week.

Although we follow certain routines to optimize your learning process, we maintain flexibility in our approach. The beauty of our golf-tuition course lies in the ability to practice both on the range and on the golf course.

Short game skills are essential, so we kick off each day with an exciting 45-minute short game session, covering putting, chipping, pitching, and sand play. Each session is filled with mini power-learning sessions, challenging games, and fun activities that make learning an absolute blast!

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In our long game sessions, we focus on improving your overall performance with the longer clubs. From mastering swing technique to refining directional control, we prioritize the most important aspects of your game for optimal improvement.

After honing your skills, what better way to test them than by hitting the course itself? We wrap up each session with a few holes of play, giving you the chance to apply what you’ve learned in a real-world setting. Our varied game formats ensure that every session is as exciting as it is educational.

With the flexibility to incorporate on-course training directly into our program, you’ll have the opportunity to practice different shot types and strategies in a live environment. Our cutting-edge video analysis software allows us to share swing and correction videos with you, ensuring that you have access to personalized feedback and solutions for continuous improvement.

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The format of five consecutive days ensures an immersive learning experience, allowing for gradual development and even more complex changes. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your golf skills and have a ton of fun along the way. And don’t forget, you’ll be earning some serious sunshine points for that sun-kissed glow! ☀️

Pricing 2024 Basic Complete Premium
Course days    5 days 5 days 7 days
Amount of lesson hours 7,5 h (90 m/day) 15 h (3h/day 21 h (3h/day)
Green-fees exclusive,
we recommend
1x 9-holes
4x 3-holes
5x 9-holes 7x 9-holes
Use of Driving-Range
Range Balls  yes yes yes
Drinking water  no yes yes
Golf Clubs Rental  no yes yes
Trolley  no yes yes
Playing balls  no yes yes
Video analysis yes yes yes
Buggy  no no yes
Price for 1 person 520,- € 1090,- € 1590,- €
Price with 2 persons 430,- € 750,- € 1229,- €
Price with 3 persons 360,- € 650,- € 970,- €
Price with 4 persons 345,- € 560,- € 929,- €

Prices are per person.

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Let’s look into the week

Defining Your Course Goals

Your objectives drive our practice structure. Whether you aim for consistency, seek improvement in your short or long game, wish to overcome typical miss-hits, or desire enhanced course performance, we tailor our approach to your aspirations.

We structure practice sessions to enhance your abilities, refine your techniques, and establish effective practice routines aligned with your specific goals. From honing consistency to addressing miss-hits and refining playing strategies, each aspect of our course is designed to make a tangible difference in your game.

Material Check

Upon arrival, we begin with a comprehensive check of your clubs. Your equipment tells us volumes about your game, allowing us to assess your needs accurately. Should you require any additional clubs, we provide quality options, available for purchase at the end of the week – a simple solution to enhance your game.

As we walk to the range, we delve into your goals, motivations, and physical limitations, ensuring that our training facilities align with your needs, all within the distance of a Pitching Wedge shot.

Short Game Practice

Short game training takes precedence, offering a direct approach to assess and refine your skills. We begin by evaluating your current abilities, providing technical guidance for common mis-shots, or initiating skill-enhancing games for proficient players.

You will find us working on better impact in different turf conditions, where we also explore wedge construction to understand solutions better. We work on distance control, sometimes changing clubs after every shot. We certainly explore strategic guidelines with different flag positions. We add sidehill lies, as they are ever present on the course. Quite often do we find ourselves creating excercises where we mix different sand lies with pitching and chipping.

Our training sessions are dynamic and diverse, combining various shots to challenge your abilities while instilling confidence in your adjustments. By introducing challenges and obstacles, we ensure that learning transcends easy practice, fostering skill development and growth.

Quantifying both good and bad shots by radar ensures we establish a solid baseline and gain insight into how the pieces fit together.

Learning is a dynamic journey, characterized by adaptability and occasional chaos, but therein lies the excitement of discovery. Our approach celebrates individuality, offering support and encouragement when needed and healthy challenges when warranted.

Short game mastery is key to lowering your handicap, and our focused attention on this aspect ensures tangible results by the end of the week.

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How we use our practice facilities to help you with the learning

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Embracing Modern Learning Methods

If you’re reading this, you’re already demonstrating the qualities of a motivated, curious, and proactive golfer – traits that are essential for growth and improvement. Congratulations on your commitment! To support your journey, we embrace modern learning methods that go beyond traditional instruction.

Gone are the days of mindlessly hitting buckets of balls with your 7 iron. Our approach is dynamic, engaging, and focused on creating an optimal learning environment where open exploration is encouraged, and emotions are nurtured in a supportive atmosphere conducive to growth.

In golf, success isn’t merely about following a set of rigid rules outlined in a manual; it’s about making adjustments and informed choices, often through self-discovery and self-assessment – an aspect we aim to amplify and illuminate for you.

Typical scenarios involve learning a new skill, exploring its mechanics, and documenting the process through video. Subsequently, we create scenarios where the golfer repeatedly executes the new skill over multiple shots. To increase difficulty, we introduce time intervals between shots by placing the bucket of golf balls 10-15 meters farther away. This prompts the golfer to transition in and out of the repetition and execute the new skill. Once mastered, we integrate different clubs and shot types, gradually increasing complexity while ensuring the golfer remains focused on executing the task effectively despite distractions. The learning process shifts its focus to transferring the skill onto the golf course. Let’s take it to the greens and see how it holds up. Through daily repetitions and practicing the transfer, we’ll improve the technique and make it work. All of this is documented on video. We discuss the situations on the course, demonstrating how to execute them effectively. Everything is stored in your personal video vault for future reference and access.

Unleashing the Power of the Long Game

Long game training is where the magic happens, both for you as the golfer and for us as coaches. It’s about identifying and addressing technical weaknesses that may hinder shot consistency, directional control and ultimately performance. The amount of changes we can pursue in a week is not limited, but it depends on how intrusive they are.

Through years of teaching, we’ve come to understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to swing technique. Rather than striving for picture-perfect positions, our focus is on cultivating functional movements that your body can execute reliably and efficiently.

Because every Golfer is a different world, we adapt our communication, we adapt and filter the content and the amount of information given. Quite often we start with conceptual thoughts which then lead us to create practical swing thoughts. Excercises to better control what is learned are key. We document the learning steps on video, for reference we place old and new next to each other, so the Golfer can go through it after the session.

As your abilities evolve, so does our role – from teacher to coach. As coaches, we guide you through challenges, balancing the level of difficulty with your self-esteem and fostering a deeper understanding of the learning process.

By highlighting the dynamic nature of our teaching methods and emphasizing the collaborative journey between coach and golfer, we invite you to embark on a learning experience where growth and discovery await at every turn.

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Navigating the Path of Learning

Golf isn’t just a game – it’s a fascinating coordination sport that challenges the brain to piece together movements into a functional solution that hits the mark. As guides on your journey to the next level, we embark on a mission to transcend the status quo.

Every golfer possesses an inner voice and control center – an innate reservoir of potential waiting to be unlocked. Through carefully curated exercises, we ignite the inner coordination, pushing it to devise more precise solutions and fostering an environment where learning thrives. It’s eye-opening.

Embracing a growth mindset, our approach transcends mere repetition; instead, we cultivate exercises that stimulate growth and evolution. By venturing beyond the familiar and delving into uncharted waters, we uncover hidden treasures of skill and proficiency.

Our sessions are brief but impactful, infused with humor to ward off frustration while keeping learning at the forefront. Content is diverse and open, tailored to address your unique challenges and aspirations.

Whether you’re honing your skills with the Driver or Fairway Woods, refining your technique for crisp ball-strikes, or navigating tricky lies and rough terrain, our daily discussions ensure that your needs and priorities are front and center. Whether you seek technical guidance or crave the exhilaration of skill acquisition, our goal remains the same: to maximize learning and propel you toward the next levels.

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Elevating Practice with Playful Challenges

In our instructional arsenal, one standout feature is “Learning How To Practice,” where each session is packed with a series of Guided Practice Exercises designed to turbocharge your progress.

If the golf course teaches us anything, it’s the art of handling diverse shots in ever-changing conditions, challenging our adaptability and precision at every turn. It’s a demanding game, but why not turn the tables and practice what we’ll actually face?

Enter the realm of games and manipulated exercises – an integral part of our training regimen. As we delve into the science of learning, research from Stanford University sheds light on the brain’s fascinating workings. According to Assistant Professor Krishna Shenoy, our brain’s inability to code the perfect swing each time stems from its inherent need for adaptability – an evolutionary trait honed over millennia.

Embracing this improvisational nature, we’ve crafted games that not only address this adaptational necessity but also inject a healthy dose of fun into your training regimen. Plus, there’s the added bonus of soaking up some sun and refining your tan while you’re at it!

So join us as we unlock the secrets of mastery through playful challenges and dynamic exercises – where learning meets excitement, and progress knows no bounds.

By weaving together insights from research with the thrill of engaging in playful challenges, we invite you to embark on a journey where every swing is an opportunity for growth and discovery.

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Elevating Your Game: On-Course Teaching

Welcome to our favorite arena: the golf course, where learning transcends theory and transforms into real-time play. While we’ve outlined the learning process in detail, on-course teaching is where the rubber meets the road – literally.

Here, our focus shifts from how to hit the ball to precisely where it needs to go. It’s about understanding the intricacies of the brain’s decision-making process and why our training methods are tailored to enhance it.

On the lush greens and fairways, we fine-tune shot results and immerse ourselves in the typical scenarios golfers encounter. It’s where etiquette and rules knowledge are honed, and every swing is a lesson in itself.

As you navigate the course, questions inevitably arise: What’s the best shot for this situation? Why does the ball always seem to veer right? It’s like witnessing Disney magic unfold before your eyes – each moment leaving you spellbound. But fear not, for we’ve spent over two decades unraveling these mysteries and crafting solutions for every challenge you may encounter.

So step onto the course with confidence, knowing that every question has an answer, and every shot is an opportunity for growth. With our guidance, your journey to golfing excellence is bound to be an unforgettable adventure.

In this rendition, we aim to capture the essence of on-course teaching as a dynamic and transformative experience, where challenges become opportunities and every moment is infused with learning and discovery.

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Harnessing Modern Technology for Golf Excellence

In our relentless pursuit of enhancing your golf game, we harness the power of modern technology – a true game-changer in our teaching approach. Equipped with tools like radar and pressure mats, identifying areas for improvement becomes easier. Even more, they become quantifiable.

One of our proudest innovations is our cutting-edge Video Analysis Software. Each student gains exclusive access to their personalized App-Area, where swing videos and correction guides are stored for easy reference. This ensures that the learning process continues long after your time with us, fostering continuous growth and improvement.

For a deeper dive into our tech-driven approach, delve into our blog post on leveraging Video Analysis Technology to unlock your full potential on the course.

Curious about the other gadgets in our arsenal? Click the link to explore further.

Join us as we embark on a journey to refine your skills, soak up the warm Majorcan sun, and, most importantly, have a blast along the way.


Welcome to our advanced course – where every swing is a step closer to mastery.

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