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How and why we use modern Video-Software to help you improve your Game of Golf

By Michel Monnard


Modern app culture significantly simplifies our work. Over the years, it has become clear that video corrections for golfers are as important as taking notes during a training session. That’s why we grant our golf students access to our software app and create a personal account for them.

(If you prefer to read, then continue here. If you want to watch an explanationary video on how we use it, scroll down to the bottom of the website. Images are clickable to see more details.)

To avoid having to repeat the same golf lesson, we create videos with voice and graphic corrections in each session. These are uploaded directly to the personal video library so they are always available to our golfers.

Learning golf is not just about swing corrections. Concepts play a crucial role in the learning process. Well-thought-out learning concepts guide the golfer on how to approach problems and lead to a corresponding action. This action can be beneficial or not so much. By creating solid learning concepts, we lay the groundwork for effective learning.

Our explanatory videos make it easier for golfers to return to training with the right information even after two weeks of bad weather. And not just during our golf week, but the videos are always available.

Here are your benefits for using Video Analysis Software with us during and before your stay:

1. Visual Feedback: Video analysis provides visual feedback on the pupil’s swing mechanics, enabling them to see exactly what they are doing right and where improvements can be made.

2. Objective Assessment: The software allows for objective assessment of the pupil’s performance, helping to identify strengths and weaknesses more accurately than relying solely on verbal feedback.

3. Comparison to Ideal Techniques: Pupils can compare their swings to those of professional golfers or ideal swing models, helping them understand the desired techniques and make adjustments accordingly.

4. Progress Tracking: Over time, pupils can track their progress through video analysis, seeing how their swing has evolved and improved with practice and coaching.

5. Remote Learning: With the ability to upload videos remotely, pupils can receive feedback and coaching even when they’re not physically present with the coach, making it convenient for those with busy schedules or who live far from the coaching facility.

6. Customized Coaching: Coaches can tailor their instruction more effectively by using video analysis to pinpoint specific areas for improvement, leading to more targeted and efficient practice sessions.

7. Motivation: Seeing tangible progress through video analysis can be highly motivating for pupils, encouraging them to continue working on their game and striving for improvement.

Overall, incorporating video analysis software into golf coaching programs enhances the learning experience for pupils by providing them with valuable insights, personalized feedback, and a clear path to improvement.


Details on how the video analysis software works and is used in our Golf Schools

Have a look at this video, where we show you how everything works. Simple cloud storage and distribution processes not only make our lives easier but above all provide golfers with unlimited access to high-quality information without time restrictions.



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