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Distance control in Wedge Play for Golf

By Michel Monnard

It never ceases to amaze me how good this Wedge Distance System is.

In our advanced courses we speak quite often about a Golfers ability to control the distance and be able to hit a green either somewhere or in specific places. This depends on the golfers level, as higher handicaper are happy to stay on the greens. Lower and middle handicap Golfer want more.

This is what we do with the Golfer to achieve better distance control.

– be able to create a clean impact through sound mechanics

– improve clean impact skills on consistency and precision

– control acceleration and swing length

– figure out swing lengths and distances for each Wedge in the bag

– learn about strategy in Wedge play, which is key to maximise the results

– back test next day and start experimenting with it on the golf course

– add Strategy and its rules to make sure you get a real edge in relation to your Handicap

– take note of the process to be able to repeat every now and then should doubts arise


Final take: it is mostly the case that after our process, golfers have a club to every 5 meter from 20 to 65 m. This is really huge, as it starts to take guess work out of the game and especially for those that use GPS info on distance, it will make a huge difference to their game.

Come and join us for a weekly Golfschool with plenty of topics that will make a real difference to your game too.

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