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As Golf Coaches and PGA Golf Teaching Professionals we always strive for better

By Michel Monnard


Unveiling Evolution: My Daily Quest to Enhance Your Experience in Mallorca

These are just some thoughts from us about our daily lives with pupils. It seems natural to think the Golf Teaching Professional has a good and easy life, because he knows. Well, to some extent routines play into our lives very much so.
On the other hand, I do write down these lines to make ME constantly aware of the fact to not become complacent, to keep pushing, to try every day to make the best pupil out of the humans in front of me.

It is not supposed to be easy, it is supposed to be a challenge

1. I need to show a strong initiative every day, I need to pull my Golfer with me, showing them that I want them to follow the path of improvement.

2. You have to be passionate to make a difference. If I can show that I care about the Golfers improvement, well being and bring the fun out, than productivity will be better instead of only waiting for the reward.

3. Be learners for life. Maintaining a learning process is rewarding and respected. Commitment is needed, be attentive to what you see and learn every day. I know my pupils teach me something everyday, I want to hold onto those lessons and be able to use them for the future to impart positive impact individually and collectively.

4. Find out where you are good at and where you can improve. It is important to always also lookout beyond your routines, challenge them and find ways to overcome adversity that might just show up different with the next pupil. Be resilient.

5. To find the best results, a Coach should show initiative to challenge the status quo in order to find the best version. Even when you fail, take initiative… this will take the learning to the next step.

6. Keep your goals refreshed and recreate believe in what you do. Be an innovator within your trusted framework. See how others do it, but know, just because they are doing it, it does not make the only way or the right way.

7. There is pressure, in all aspects of Golf Coaching and playing Sports in general. Put up with it when you feel it, show that you can handle it which in turn will forge the leader in you.

8. Always work on your explanations. Tech is awesome, make use of it. But never stop to learn how to talk. Rewind every lesson, every interaction and be concise about what you said, how it was perceived and what action it created. Re-do this process daily.

-> Clear language
-> Strong delivery
-> Explain the value of an action

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