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Golf-Fitness during your holidays in Majorca

By Michel Monnard
Summary Golf-Fitness

In cooperation with Cap Vermell Country Club we can offer a golf fitness programme, which is adaptable to every golfer in intensity and length. We are well aware of the fact, that within one week we wont be able to produce a fit human, but with those wanting to see what golf fitness is, we can provide an introduction programme. For those already working out, we simply check for functionality, suggest adaptations or continue the process.

As sport teachers we have a moral obligation to help golfers getting better, not just swing-wise. It is important to us, that you realise how important golf fitness is for your well-being.

Our way of life is the culprit to increased risk of injury and not reached handicap goals. Within our further educational courses we learnt, that joint movement restrictions clearly influence your golf swing. Your best intentions won’t help, if your joints don’t have the ability to move in the needed amounts or if they do not provide the stability needed.

So your left with two options. Change your body or adapt your movement (and face the consequences related to goal achievement or injury).

The problem is that reduced joint mobility increases risk of injury.

So what is the real goal of golf fitness? What does a golfer have to do to reach his goals without injury.

  1. You have to minimise the possibility of injury before you maximze performance potential.
  2. Your way of life outside of golf should be looked at. It must be the goal to optimise your body so we can play this beautiful sport successfully and without pain.

Our golf-fitness course contains the following:

  • same lesson golf instructional structure as the other courses
  • same pricing
  • same PGA Professionals
  • oportunity to additionally add an introduction into how your body influences your game

You can choose between two options, train yourself or being introduced by industry professionals.

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The goals of this golf-fitness tuition package
  • Better understanding, why golf fitness is so important for your game
  • introduction into how to improve your joint mobility and stability
  • injury prevention
  • how to regenerate after a hard day of golf
  • improve your golfing muscles
  • Importance of improving the opposing muscles to not get one sided
  • working on areas that already create pain



Light Version: 100 Euro

  • Daily pass into the Cap Vermell Fitness temple and use of its installations such as 25m semi-olympic swimming pool, sauna & turkish bath, cold-warm applications, gym with newest machines, support and supervision of qualified staff.

Complete version: 175 Euro

  • Daily pass into the Cap Vermell Fitness temple and use of its installations such as 25m semi-olympic swimming pool, sauna & turkish bath, cold-warm applications, gym with newest machines, support and supervision of qualified staff.
  • Three 90 mins introductory sessions with qualified fitness staff.


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Detailed description of golf fitness introduction

Is it for your health benefit to do sports on a regular basis, and will it help your golf?

Well the answer is a clear yes. There are many excuses not to do sports, time and lack of grit is one.

When talking to golfers that lift or do sports on a regular basis, they will tell you that the first two weeks are the toughest. But they will also tell you that the biggest gains happen within the first six weeks. So seeing success isn’t all that far away.

Here is what the problem is:

Everybody wants the prize, but nobody wants to pay the price.


How will sport influence your golf?

Our golf school does not only want to help you with what we call swing- or short game technique, rules and playing strategy, it also wants to show you how the body component is involved. Only this way a golfer can truly appreciate why he lacks for instance consistency and distance.

The body can only do, what muscles and joints permit. And that is exactly where we want to clarify a few things. You should know where your weak points are. The body is the tool, and the better this tool, the better the job can be.

A simple but tipical examples we see on a daily basis:
Golfer, that have trouble to walk 18 or even 9 holes, pulling the trolley, hitting the balls, uphill, downhill… or golfer, that tell me they want to hit the ball further…

With adequate training and correct food intake, we can enhance the body to become better at what the golfer wants. This training will also make you more resistant to daily life.



Content of the guided training sessions / exclusively for our golf guest

day 1: Power-day (monday)

60 mins of introduction into functional weight training (why machines can be good for you and how you can train at home)

25 mins of cycling in for each person adapted levels of intensity

5-10 mins of stretching for the used muscle groups

do Sauna, turkish bath and swimming on your own to finish the session


Day 2: Water day (Wednesday)

45 mins of aqua fitness – we provide training for non-golf related muscles in a relaxing water bath and discover ways on how to increase joint range of motion.

40 mins of swimming training, which includes improving swimming techniques and power

5-10 mins of stretching

do Sauna, turkish bath and cold-warm applications on your own to help your body recover


Day 3: Body-Mind day (friday)

45 mins of body balance excercises to increase joint range of motion and balance

  1. Tai Chi warmup
  2. sun greetings
  3. standing
  4. balance
  5. opening the hip
  6. rotations
  7. prevention for calfs
  8. relaxation / meditation / breathing

45 mins of stretching in the water to improve joint mobility

on your own use sauna, turkish bath and cold-warm treatments



group 1: 12.30 – 14.00

group 2: 17.00 – 18.30

Use of Country Club on your own

For golfer that already have a programme in place, or for those that want to do fitness but not around the programme we suggest, we offer the light version, which is basically a daily access pass to the Cap Vermell Country Club and to use its amenities.

The Cap Vermell Country Club offers:

25 m indoor swimming pool
10 m outdoor swimming pool
room for guided fitness activties
Vision Body (Electro/Myo-stimulations)
outdoor jacuzzi
Turkish bath
Cold-warm treatments
Gym with newest TechnoGym machines
room for spinning
2 tennis courts with artificial gras
4 padel-tennis courts

Its restaurant “Hedonist” offers healthy Mediterranean cuisine. Vegetarian and vegan really love the menu card.

With your daily pass you can join the guided activities that are offered, check out the programme.

Website of the Cap Vermell Country Club

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