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Family Golf Clinics in Mallorca are a blast – a description of a tipical week with us

By Michel Monnard

Description of a tipical Family Golf clinic in Mallorca, this time with older kids.


In Mallorca, during Easter and school holidays in general, we always look forward to our family golf clinics. Often, these are beginner families who want to dive into the world of golf together. Golf is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed by everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, from athletes to non-athletes alike.

The decision to take a family golf course often stems from the possibility of spending time together and sharing an activity during vacations. It’s true quality when you share an experience on vacation.

Before starting the course, we always clarify whether parents and children should receive lessons together or separately. With beginners, it’s important for us not to limit ourselves to teaching the sport only on the driving range. Fortunately, we have the freedom to work in a golf club that allows us to play on the course with beginners. This way, families learn that golf is not just about hitting balls, but also about enjoying time together on the course.

It’s fantastic to see how the participants’ skills develop day by day. Without delving too much into technical aspects, we manage to get even beginners to make drives in the first week and achieve good results.

We work daily on short game, putting, chipping, bunker play, and long shots, and then try them out on the course. Of course, there are also bad shots, but that’s precisely where the importance lies: learning to handle them, as learning is what matters, not the result.

Find four swing videos from a tipical family clinic at the end of the article.

Last week we had a family here whose children were between 16 and 18 years old. The three boys took classes with Tobias, while mom and dad were with Michel. At the end of the week, everyone had improved to their first handicap. Everyone already had the done their playing rights on their local course, but now after a week of practice they were finally ready to take the next step and get their own Handicaps.

We’re always delighted with our family golf courses and we strive to fulfill the goals of spending quality family time. We take advantage of every opportunity to introduce golf to children.






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