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Privacy policy


Who is responsible for processing your personal information?

Michel Monnard and Tobias Widmer with registered office in C. Roses 4a, 07580 Capdepera / Spain.  Client service email: michel @ majorcagolf.com or tobias @ majorcagolf.com, from now on Majorcagolf.

Majorcagolf processes information in a legal and trustworthy manner; only pertinent information is processed and kept to a minimum in relation to the corresponding explicit and legal objective. They will not be used for any other purpose than that for which they have been submitted.

For what purpose do we use your personal information?

In Majorcagolf we process your personal information in the handling of the products and services you have requested from Majorcagolf and for any communication between you and Majorcagolf.

In order to access and surf our webpage no personal information is necessary.  Answers to any questions or information requested via the webpage should be indicated by an asterisk (*) next to the question or field on the form. If the required information is not given correctly, it will not be possible to provide the corresponding service.

Why do we use your personal information?

As follows, we will explain the legal basis which allows us to use your personal information.

1. In compliance with a contract to handle the products and services you have requested from Majorcagolf.

2. When you give us your consent to: (i) provide you with information, products and services from Majorcagolf, the Group itself and third parties, (ii) give your information to organizations within the Group for them to provide the service or (iii) use your details anonymously with no personal identification implication with the objective of carrying out statistical analysis and studies ourselves or third parties.

3.  In the legitimate interests of Majorcagolf, in order to satisfy your expectations and increase your satisfaction as a client, in Majorcagolf we aim to develop and improve the quality of the products and services provided by us or third parties and to implement statistics, surveys or market research that could be of interest to you.  With this as our objective, we need to process information on your use of products, services and channels in an anonymous manner with no personal identification involved.

4.  The cookies used by Majorcagolf are anonymous and do not provide references which permit obtention of personal details of the user.  The only non-anonymous cookies, i.e. that permit the identification of the user are those voluntarily activated by the user when accessing the “Client Area” or the “Private Area” on the webpage.  These cookies store the user name in its terminal plus a hash of the user name and password during a period of up to one month with the exclusive objective of facilitating user access to restricted areas with no need to manually introduce a password every time.  Consult our Policy on Cookies on installation and management of storage devices and recovery of data from terminals.

These legitimate interests respect your right to the protection of personal details, the honour and personal privacy. In Majorcagolf we believe that, as a client, you can expect your details to be used in an anonymous manner (applying techniques and security measures to prevent you being identified) so that we can improve the products and services and your experience as a client will be enriched. But remember that your personal details will be used in a legitimate manner and that you will always have the right to complain if you deem it necessary to the following adress: C. Roses 4a, 07580 Capdepera / Spain or at any of our offices.

How long will Majorcagolf keep your personal details?       

We will keep your personal details until our contract expires.  Any unfulfilled applications will be kept by Majorcagolf for a maximum of 6 months except for any other agreement, in order to avoid duplicating paperwork in the case of new applications.

Once your contracts have finalized, in Majorcagolf we can maintain your personal details during the legally established periods applicable to us which are normally 10 years for the prevention of money laundering and financing terrorism and up to 21 years in accordance with Civil Law and mortgage regulations.  At the end of this legally established period your personal details will be destroyed after their use.

Will your personal details be passed on to anybody else?

Your personal details will not be given to any third party except for legal reasons or if you have consented to give them to obtain any other service.

In order to provide an adequate service and administer the relationship that we maintain with you as a client, you will be able to see a list of companies by categories that Majorcagolf will allow to use your details as part of the services provided.

Furthermore, we can inform you that, with the same objective as specified in the previous paragraph, the following companies that provide services to Majorcagolf will be permitted to access your personal details (international data transfer).

Country Company Services Warranty
Germany Webhoster AG Hosting and database RGPD
U.S.A Google INC. Storage and analytical data processing Contract clauses type (*)
Germany United-Domains Hosting Privacy shield (**)

 (*) Decision by the European Commission from February 5th, 2010 relative to contract clauses type for the international transfer of data of a personal nature to managers in third party countries, in accordance with Regulation 95/46/CE by the European Parliament and Council.

(**)Decision to execute (UE) 2016/1250 by the Commission of July 12th 2016 in accordance with the Regulation 95/46 by the European Parliament and the Council concerning the adaptation of protection granted by the Shield of Privacy UE-EEUU.

What are your rights when you give us your personal details?

Rights Contents Attention points
Access You will be able to examine your details in the Majorcagolf files Michel Monnard
C. Roses 4a

07580 Capdepera

michel @ majorcagolf.com

Tobias Widmer

C. de ses Coves 9

07580 Capdepera

tobias @ majorcagolf.com

Rectification You will be able to modify your details if they are incorrect
Supression You will be able to request your personal details to be deleted
Opposition You will be able to refuse use of your personal details
Limitations of tractment (1) You will be able to request limiting the use of your personal detials in the following cirucumstances

  • – While your details are being corroborated
  • When use is illegal but you are opposed to having your details deleted
  • When Majorcagolf no longer needs to use your details but you need them to exercise your right to make a complaint
  • When you are opposed to use of your details for anything in the public interest or any other matter
  • legitimate while it is being decided whether the legitimate motives for use are more important than yours.
Portability You will be able to receive  in  electronical format the personal details  you have given us and those obtained from your contractual relationship with Majorcagolf or give them to any other company.
If you are of the opinion that we have not used your personal details in accordance  with regulations, you can contact the Delegate for Data Protection at michel @ majorcagolf.com

However, you can submit a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (www.agpd.es)   

In order to exercise your rights, attach a copy of your I.Drd or equivalent for proof of identity.
The exercise of these rights is free of charge.

1. Available  from May 25th 2018

Likewise, at any given time, you can withdraw your consent with no effect on the legality of the process by sending your request to michel @ majorcagolf.com or visiting any of our tourist offices.  Remember to attach a copy of your ID card or equivalent to prove your identity.