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How do we teach playing strategy for golf?

By Michel Monnard

Within our weekly golf schools we place attention on how to elaborate a playing strategy. Depending on your handicap, you will learn new ways on how to read a golf hole, how to get information and when to access it. Since a big portion of our golf schools actually happen on the golf course, this is done out on the course!

We created our own yardage books, in which we took Tour Yardage book design and tried to simplify it to a certain degree, so every amateur can benefit. Here 3 examples:

So the goal is to showcase golfer what kind of information will be important for their playing level, how they can create this information and hopefully they will create something similar for their home course and maybe also for courses they play when Yardage books are actually available. This will happen less and less, as modern courses have GPS Systems in the buggies and the yardage books more and more become obsolete.

Mike Tyson once said:

Everybody has got a plan, until you get punched in the face!


So first let’s plan a hole how you would want to play it ideally, and then have a backup plan or the knowledge on how to adapt it, to make the best out of it most of the times you play. Our Yardage books are finished with a plastic coating, so we can actually write important learned information on them and leave notes for the coming days to be available (hence the available extra black lines). LEARN FROM YOUR PAST MISTAKES is always better then doing the same mistakes over and over again.

On tour yardage books players will always have a tee view and run-out numbers with certain directions. Thats how we want to do it too, as run-out and in-the-air-numbers are important information.

Welcome to our golf schools, where your improvement is our passion!