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Gustavo Cámara

  • PGA Golf Teaching Professional
  • Member of the Swiss PGA, Austrian PGA & PGA of Argentina
  • Argentinian citizen, living mostly in Austria and Switzerland
  • Father to a wonderful daugther
  • Interested in swimming, Karate, Rugby, sailing and diving
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German
  • Character traits: persistent, attentive, sensitive, motivating, funny, enthusiastic, willing, thankful, diplomatic, dedicated
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After playing for 58 years and teaching for 35 years, I get the biggest satisfaction in seeing the faces of pupils that are enjoying the learning process in our Golf School at Capdepera Golf. My two colleagues Michel & Tobias make it possible with their school to learn and improve during the holidays.

Rules of Golf, chipping and pitching, long shots, putting… all that in a beautiful learning environment. Working on all different aspects of the game make the investment the golfer makes, absolutely worth it. Due to the range setup we can create many different situations where the new things can be implemented so that it also works on the golf course. And the best of it, we have 5 days with 3 hours/daily.

An important aspect for me is that i can get the golfer out on the golf course. Many times it’s not the technical stuff that fails, but we pick up shots due to how we read a situation. When we start seeing different options and have the time to test them over several holes, we create confidence. That in turn leads to a lower score.

And what if the time of the lessons is up…. well you just continue to play, if you want until the sun goes down.

That and more is possible here in Capdepera Golf.

I look forward to hopefully have you with us in a short time.



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